The Argomm Group's Plastic Business Unit has 2 companies that work in synergy and create added value for their customers in terms of quality, service and costs.


Adhesive treatments for two-component metal and/or plastic parts

To support the production processes of co-moulding and over-moulding of two-component parts, the Argomm Group carries out adhesive surface treatments - such as painting and plasma surface treatments - on plastic and/or metal parts in order to guarantee the correct formation of a chemical bond between the insert and the rubber part.

Our adhesive processes are carried out using fully automated lines that guarantee a high quality of the final two-component material.


The Argomm Group's Plastics Business Unit is equipped with 50 injection moulding presses with capacities ranging from 50 tons to 480 tons. These include 7 specific presses for liquid silicone moulding and 5 two-component presses.

The moulding of articles consists of fully robotic islands for loading/unloading or for carrying out surface treatments.

We have liquid silicone over-moulding (LSR) and co-moulding technologies on metal inserts and parts, with or without adhesive treatment depending on the specifications of the final product.

The wide range of technologies and materials enables us to go beyond the concept of components and parts and to offer the market devices with their own functionalities.


In the case of assemblies, such as multi-components in rubber-plastic, rubber-metal, plastic-metal and plastic-liquid silicone, the Argomm Group’s production process includes both manual and automatic assembly processes. Some of these lines are fully robotic and dedicated to the assembly and fitting of automotive parts.

Assembly can be carried out by interference or through the use of glues and adhesive materials.

The qualified assembly activities carried out, which combines different technologies and complexities, include: interference fits, ultrasonic welding, hot insertion, cold plastic deformation, laser marking, lubrication, leak testing and flux testing. A dedicated internal department guarantees expertise on automation with anthropomorphic robots. The processes ensure complete traceability and recording of production data.


For certain types of product, the Argomm Group has developed its own equipment for the magnetisation of plastic parts. The magnetisation process can take place directly inside the mould or in special fully robotic islands.

Surface processing

Depending on customer requirements, the Argomm Group is able to offer cutting-edge surface processing, such as stencilling, screen printing and pad printing.

Final Quality Control

Our validation and quality control process is constant and organised right from the time the parts are produced on the machine: work orders are monitored at every stage using systems that operating in a 4.0 logic.

If requested by the customer, the Argomm Group has robotic islands for end-of-line aesthetic, dimensional and functional tests, capable of collecting tens of thousands of data per day to provide the end customer with the highest quality finished product and its complete traceability.


The Argomm Group's production plants are equipped with both automatic and manual packaging lines to guarantee the quality of service required by the numerous and diversified needs of its customers.

We are able to offer product packaging methods suitable both for protection during transport and for direct use on assembly lines.


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