Research and development of new materials

Our long experience in the development of innovative materials allows us to respond to every specific need of our customers: we are able to offer the most suitable material to perform a specific function, while taking into consideration any manufacturability and cost constraints.

Involving the customer from the earliest stages of development is essential because it allows us to study and understand the specific technical and functional requirements of the material to be developed. For this reason, we offer direct contact between our R&D department and the customer's technical area right from the outset, providing our team of highly specialised engineers.

We have three internal laboratories equipped with sophisticated machinery that allows us to develop and test both elastomer and plastic materials. This enables us to be proactive in evaluating and offering various solutions to our customers depending on the final characteristics and functionality of the part.

Our close and long-standing collaboration with leading  internationally-accredited raw material producers provides further added value in targeted research and technical dialogue so that we are able to identify the most suitable raw material for each specific need.


Our laboratories are able to perform:

  • Physical-mechanical tests: density, hardness, tensile properties at ambient temperature, tearing, compression set, tension set, compression stress relaxation (CSR)
  • Additional physical-mechanical tests: hot and cold tensile properties from -70°C to +200°C, properties in compression
  • Rheological tests: rheometric curve, fluidity test with capillary rheometer, viscosity
  • Cold resistance tests: DSC (Tg-glass transition), DMA, Tr10, BENDING TEST
  • Thermal and chemical ageing tests in air and in fluids, also in an autoclave
  • Ageing tests in climatic chamber under controlled temperature and humidity conditions
  • Thermal analysis test (DMA, DSC, RCR,TGA)
  • FT-IR/ATR test (infrared spectroscopy)
  • Colorimetric test (CIELAB scale, RAL table)
  • Cleanliness test
  • Melt Flow Indexer test of polymeric materials


internal laboratories for the development and testing of elastomer and plastic materials
engineers dedicated to research and development
new material approvals obtained annually
approved materials meeting the technical specifications of various sectors