Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are a concrete commitment for the Argomm Group, as well as a business philosophy. This commitment is also proven by some of the awards obtained in recent years.


Ecovadis, a universal platform to assess sustainability, has awarded Argomm's Villongo site with the Silver Medal, an award given to 25% of companies with the best sustainability performance assessed on the platform.
For the eighth year running, Argomm’s Villongo site has been awarded WHP (Workplace Health Promotion) accreditation, confirming its commitment to promoting the health and wellbeing of all its employees through the implementation of “good practices.”
Argomm has distinguished itself in the Bergamo area by receiving the Seal of Quality for the implementation of virtuous school-to-work alternation programmes, by activating fruitful collaborations with secondary schools.
In Bergamo, Argomm has promoted awareness of ITS and supported experiences of virtuous partnerships, obtaining the “Bollino Imprese in ITS”.
Recognition received for company performance during the COVID-19 pandemic.