We pay particular attention to the sustainability of our companies in the knowledge that environmental protection, health, safety and respect for our employees are key requirements to be safeguarded as a business model. 


Our strategic asset
We are able to achieve our goals thanks to the professionalism and passion of all our employees, who are able to enhance our history in an evolutionary way, and who constitute the real strength and the most valuable resource of our Group.

We firmly believe in the importance of developing the knowledge and skills of our staff to create competitive advantage. In line with this philosophy, we promote the continuous growth and enhancement of the skills of our employees through technical and soft-skills training and individual coaching.

Protecting the health and safety of our workers
We take care of individual and collective health and safety through the proper operation, maintenance and periodic inspection of facilities, a commitment to reducing risks and the appropriate management of processes and substances.

Training and education are also necessary tools to show our workers how the principles and methods of management systems are implemented.

During 2020, the Group confirmed its focus on health and safety protection with the promotion of the following initiatives, among others:

  • Safety-Env Walkaround (ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Mobile Health Camp (INDIA)
  • Safety Celebration Day (INDIA)
  • CSR Training for Top Managers (ITALY, SPAIN)


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