We consider environmental protection to be a fundamental value in the operation and development of our activities.

Our efforts are primarily aimed at:

  • Monitoring and reducing energy and water consumption
  • Monitoring air and water quality and reducing emissions
  • Maximising the recovery and recycling of waste produced

During 2020, the following were introduced:

  • Recirculation systems for water used in the tumbling phase (ROMANIA)
  • LED lights (INDIA, ITALY)
  • Reuse of waste liquid nitrogen dispersed due to cooling (INDIA)
  • Optimisation of the use of compressed air for unloading moulded articles during the production phase (INDIA)
  • Drinking water to replace external supply (INDIA)
  • Search and repair of compressed air system leaks (ITALY) - Villa Carcina Site
  • Energy saving measures in electrical substations (ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • New moulding presses with inverter (ITALY - Villongo Site)
  • New compressors and dryers and energy consumption monitoring system (ITALY)
  • Replacement of heating boilers (ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • New furnaces with heat recovery (ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • New treatment plant for atmospheric emissions from furnaces equipped with inverters and new dust treatment plant (ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Reduction of the impact of transport, giving preference to, where possible, treatment plants and carriers located near the site (ITALY – Sulbiate Site)
  • Recycling of more than 80% of waste (ITALY – Villongo Site)