We consider environmental protection to be a fundamental value in the operation and development of our activities.

Our efforts are primarily aimed at:

  • Monitoring and reducing energy and water consumption
  • Monitoring air and water quality and reducing emissions
  • Maximising the recovery and recycling of waste produced

To confirm its commitment to environmental protection, the Group has recently:

  • Increased its reliance on renewable energy by installing photovoltaic systems and solar panels (ROMANIA, SPAIN, ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Reduced rubber waste from vulcanisation procedures (ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Introduced water recirculation systems in the manufacturing process (ROMANIA)
  • Installed mains water chillers with micro-filtration to enhance mains water, and decrease and recycle plastic waste (ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Optimised temperature and air consumption in manufacturing operations (INDIA)
  • World Environment Day Celebrations (INDIA)