Respect for the territory is an integral part of our industrial culture. A primary value that has allowed us to build and develop our companies at a global level. Territories to which we are linked and to which we in turn intend to return value through a spirit of belonging and social participation, as well as employment opportunities.


Poverty Reduction and Food Security

  • Following the floods, support to local employees for the loss of furniture and household accessories (ROMANIA)
  • Donation of food and funds to schools (THAILAND

Child Protection and learning opportunities

  • Scholarships to reward academic excellence for children of the company's personnel (INDIA, ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Construction of a community hall dedicated to the promotion of evolutionary development (INDIA)
  • Training programmes to develop the social, intellectual and physical skills of children and young adolescents (INDIA)
  • Family counselling centre to support employees and their families in educational choices, including career guidance for their children (INDIA)
  • Company school visits, university internships and work experience with recognition of the BAQ 2020 and 2021 by Confindustria, with Territorial and Trade Associations (ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Participation in the “Regalati un Sorriso” initiative for the collection and donation of toys to local, national and international organisations, institutes, associations, reception centres and group homes operating in the province of Bergamo (ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Promotion of fair and inclusive education and hospital care support for disabled children (ROMANIA)

Health and Wellbeing

  • Annual General Medical Check-up and exclusive Health Plans for company personnel (INDIA)
  • Promotion of sport and local culture (INDIA, ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Agreements with local services for company personnel and their families (INDIA, ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Awareness campaigns for a healthy lifestyle and fitness courses organised for company personnel (INDIA, ROMANIA, ITALY - Villongo Site)
  • “Cuore in Forma” project for the installation of semi-automatic defibrillators in the territory (ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Promotion of recreational projects for children with disabilities (ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Parcel delivery and collection service in the company (ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Free flu vaccinations for interested employees (ROMANIA, ITALY - Villongo Site)
  • Fruit Day in the company (ROMANIA, ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Promotion of work-life balance (SPAIN, ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Social Events in the company (ROMANIA, THAILAND, ITALY – Villongo Site)

As regards COVID-19 management:

  • Donations to support pandemic management in local communities (INDIA, THAILAND, ITALY – Villongo Site)
  • Education of the local population on preventive measures to contain and combat COVID-19 (INDIA)
  • Medical consultations and supply of medicines to local communities (INDIA)



of management is native (i.e. born in the country where they work for the Argomm Group)
presence of a cultural mediator in offices with foreign