Design and production of moulds and auxiliary equipment

Our long experience in the design and production of moulds and auxiliary equipment is one of the main aspects of our expertise and an important part of the competitive advantage that we are able to offer the market.

The design of a mould is a fundamental step that determines the success of a product.

Our aim is to design and manufacture moulds and equipment as efficiently as possible in order to guarantee the quality of our products over time.

If the auxiliary equipment is not standard, we oversee its development, both internally, thanks to our internal workshops, and externally, thanks to the support of long-standing technological partners.

The in-house presence of specialised workshops is essential because quality products require quality moulds and, therefore, targeted and continuous maintenance on the equipment.


  • Design of moulds and auxiliary equipment carried out internally by highly specialised technical personnel
  • Filling simulation using simulation and calculation software aimed at optimisation
  • Design of control and data recording software to support the auxiliary equipment
  • Availability of internal workshops for the production and subsequent proper maintenance of moulds and equipment
  • Availability of a well-established global supply chain for the production of moulds and equipment


moulds produced annually