The Argomm Group's Rubber Business Unit has 5 companies worldwide, able to work in synergy and create added value for customers in terms of quality, service and costs.

The synergy of its companies’ production skills and capabilities allows the Argomm Group to oversee the entire production process: from the mixing of the raw material to shipping of the finished product.



In the manufacture of elastomer parts, the mixing of the raw materials (compounding) is the first step in the entire production process.

This step involves mixing basic polymers with additives and fillers to achieve specific quality performances of the finished product, and specific manufacturability of the compounding.

Our compounding lines are able to produce both synthetic and natural compounds.

Adhesive treatments for two-component metal and/or plastic parts

To support the production processes of co-moulding and over-moulding of two-component parts, the Argomm Group carries out adhesive surface treatments - such as painting and plasma surface treatments - on plastic and/or metal parts in order to guarantee the correct formation of a chemical bond between the insert and the rubber part.

Our adhesive processes are carried out using fully automated lines that guarantee a high quality of the final two-component material.


The moulding process is the heart of the rubber transformation process.

In the Argomm Group we offer different types of moulding: injection moulding (also with inert gas), compression moulding, injection-compression moulding and transfer moulding.

Today there are about 200 presses in the Group’s companies dedicated to the production of elastomer articles.


Depending on the type of product and customer requirements, the Argomm Group has a large number of state-of-the-art plants and machinery for the correct finishing of its products.

Our production plants include deburring, shot-blasting, die-cutting, grinding, cutting, turning, washing and post-curing machines.

Surface treatments

With an ever-increasing demand from its market, the Argomm Group has several state-of-the-art surface treatment machines for the finished products.

Our machines are able to carry out powder or dry surface treatments, both permanent and semi-permanent, according to the specific needs of our customers.


In the case of assemblies, such as multi-component materials in rubber-plastic and rubber-metal, the Argomm Group has both manual and automatic assembly processes capable of guaranteeing the highest quality assembly to its end customers.

Final Quality Control

At the end of our production process, we have departments dedicated to the automatic and manual inspection of the finished product, aimed at achieving zero defects.

In this final control phase, an innovative fleet of more than 30 machines is able to check the dimensions, aesthetics and functionality of our parts.


The Argomm Group’s production plants are equipped with both automatic and manual packaging lines capable of guaranteeing a high level of service to the market.

We offer product packaging methods suitable both for protection during transport and for direct use on assembly lines.


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